Про Paypal и регистратора internet.bs

С начала марта internet.bs перестал принимать Paypal для оплаты доменов. Если верить информации с их стены в фейсбуке, Paypal заблокировл их аккаунт для приема платежей:

Why have you stopped accepting PayPal?

It was not our decision, actually Paypal without notice and without a clear explanation suspended the service. We are working with them to find a solution.

We are shocked by their approach, but we are sure they will soon review their position as they might have received wrong or inaccurate reports, after all we are an ICANN domain name Registrar we only sell domains and we have always been in full compliance with their published policies and rules. As such there is really little ground for them to unilaterally suspend their services in particular without notice. Of course we welcome any advice or suggestion to have them reestablish the account without delay.

You should also notice that we have backup solutions for payment such as Moneybookers, WebMoney, AlertPay and we are working on 2Checkout and WorldPay. Last but not least we have applied for a dedicated merchant account, so we won’t be subject to third party “fancy” polices.

Особенно повезло американцам, которые регистрировали домены у багамского регистратора. Американцам уже давно прикрыли лавочку с Moneybookers (ныне именуемых Skrill), так что американскому трудовому народу придется пересаживаться на Webmoney или палить номера своих кредитных карточек в других сомнительных финансовых сервисах.